go lakers什么意思

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go lakers的双语例句

1、lyh63709.blog.163.com4His directness did not go over well, so now Kobe skirts questions about his Lakers future.他的坦率并没有起到什么作用,所以现在他避开了有关他在湖人队的未来的问题。

2、provided by jukuu5Bryant, who took more intravenous fluids at halftime to go with the ones from pregame, couldn't help the Lakers to a victory in Utah while slowed by his stomach virus. 他在半场进行了比赛前还要多的静脉注射,但他由于肠胃炎影响还是无法帮助湖人在犹他带走胜利。

3、Those so-called "black section" If you would seriously sit down and look at dozens of Bryant's consecutive games, I really do not understand why they have to go against the Lakers, Kobe Bryant made. 那些所谓的“科黑”如果真的认真坐下来连续看几十场科比的比赛,我实在不理解他们还有什么理由去反湖人,发科比。

4、A recent visit from an old interconference rival didn't go so well for the Los Angeles lakers. they're hoping a game against another Eastern Conference nemesis turns out better. 对湖人队来说,联盟老对手的最近一次来访让他们并不愉快。他们期待与东部联盟另一支世敌的比赛能取得好的结果。


1).sport n.体育运动

2).sportsman n.运动员

3).athlete n.运动员

4).game n.运动,比赛

5).spectate v.观看(尤指体育比赛等)

6).compete v.参加比赛(或竞赛)

7).contest n.比赛,竞赛

8).play v.进行(比赛)

9)referee n.裁判,裁判员;v.裁判

10).defeat v.打败

11).place n.获胜都名次

12).medal n.奖章

13).win v.获胜,赢

14).prize n.奖品,奖金


field / pitch 足球场

midfield 中场

backfield 后场

kickoff circle / center circle 中圈

penalty mark (点球)罚球点

penalty area 禁区(罚球区)

attacking midfielder 攻击型前卫(前腰)

defending midfielder 防守型前卫(后腰)

sweeper 清道夫,拖后中卫

bicycle kick / overhead kick 倒钩球

direct free kick 直接任意球

indirect free kick 间接任意球

spot pass 球传到位

consecutive passes 连续传球

rolling pass / ground pass 地滚球