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1optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision



lens 镜头 specs 眼镜(spectacle...spectacles 眼镜 eyeglasses 眼镜sunglasses 墨镜 bifocals 远近视两用眼镜...goggles 护目镜 monocle 单片眼镜


safety glasses 安全眼镜,护目镜...aviator glasses 飞行员眼镜 snow glasses 防护眼镜clink glasses 碰杯through rose-colored glasses 乐观地rose-colored glasses 幼稚的乐观观点..opera glasses (观剧用的)小型双眼... field glasses 双筒望远镜(野外镜...reading glasses 老花眼镜;近视眼镜... look through green glasses 羡慕地看事物...see through blue glasses 悲观地看事物...binoculars 双眼望远镜looking glass 镜子 dark glasses 墨镜glass 玻璃 look through blue glasses 悲观地看事物...granny glasses [美]金框[钢框]眼... .look through rose-colored glasses 乐观地看事物... look something through colored glasses 戴着有色眼镜看事物,...look something through blue glasses 戴着有色眼镜看事物


1、I settled the bill for my coffee and his two glasses of wine 我为我的咖啡和他的两杯葡萄酒付了账。

2、He walked around the table touching glasses with all the foreign guests. 他绕桌子走了一圈,和所有的外宾都碰了杯。

3、His eyes ran over the sea of bottles and glasses on the table. 他扫了一眼满桌的瓶子和玻璃杯。

4、He is an eccentric character who likes wearing a beret and dark glasses. 他人很怪,喜欢戴贝雷帽和墨镜。

5、She is very old now, with little, round, wire-rimmed glasses and whiskers sprouting from her chin 她现在很老了,戴着圆圆的金属架小眼镜,下巴上还长出了胡须。

6、After a while their mother was back, holding a tray of glasses that fizzed. 过了一会儿他们的母亲回来了,用托盘端着一杯杯嘶嘶冒泡的饮料。